Freedom Delivered

Does this sound like your brand?

  • You’re spending so much time in your day-to-day operations that you have no time to think about growing…
  • Your team is talented, but no one lives the brand in the way that you do…
  • You know you could operate more efficiently, but have no idea where to start…
  • You’ve been told you have the potential for another location, another product, another service, but lack the energy–or the plan– to venture forward and get your team or investors to buy-in…

What if you were able to let the business you’ve worked so hard to build, work for you?

What if you could reduce the time you spend inside your business to 20 hours a week within one year?

Would you explore new ventures? Pursue passion projects?

Our Company

We’re Parcel – an integrated team of business strategists, design thinkers, brand storytellers, and fitness enthusiasts who are passionate about helping the owners of health and wellness companies transform their brands into self-managed businesses.

When we were two years old and looking for a place to expand, partner and founder Julie Mitchell came across 536 Eastern–just a tad derelict then–in a Leslieville neighbourhood that was on the verge of big changes itself. 

By 2015, Parcel was named to the PROFIT500 Canada’s fastest-growing companies as a result of doubling revenues in the previous five years. Compiled by Canadian Business magazine, Parcel has appeared on the PROFIT500 twice and has been named on the W100, a list recognizing the top women-owned businesses in Canada.

In 2017, we launched Content Writers Group, an agency representing the top journalists and editorial strategists in the country. CWG helps business owners establish an expert positioning by defining, packaging, and amplifying their stories in engaging ways that resonate with audiences.  

Today, our Eastern Avenue studio in downtown Toronto also houses the flagship location of our spin studio, Torq Ride. 

Our Partners

Julie Mitchell


Erin Brand


Meet the rest of the team

A MAP to Gain Traction...

When we launched Torq, other business owners started asking us how we found the time. The answer? Our growth has been driven by transitioning our brands away from ourselves and into self-managed businesses that align teams and inspire leadership from within. We learned these techniques through Julie’s work with Entrepreneurs’ Organization—an international peer network of business owners—which has included facilitation for newly formed executive boards and training for fast-growth companies to reach their next milestone. This introduced us early on to business frameworks and processes, including Strategic Coach®, Scaling Up®, and Traction® –along with a host of others.

Now we’ve merged our experience building brand systems with our understanding of business frameworks and developed our own one-year Management Alignment Plan (MAP) specifically designed to help health and wellness brands gain traction in their business, transforming themselves into self-managed businesses.

By inspiring your community, aligning your people, and streamlining your systems, we can drive team engagement, foster a culture of accountability and reduce the time you spend inside your business to 20 hours a week within one year.

A MAP helps health and wellness companies gain traction by

Auditing your core brand experience

As brand builders and owners, we may think that our brand experience resonates with our customers and aligns our team – but do we really know what our community thinks? Leveraging our team of researchers and investigative journalists, our core audit is designed to uncover exactly how your community feels about your brand – and benchmarks it against key competitors.

With this feedback in place, we ensure your brand values are aligned with your vision for your business at 1-year, 3-year and 10-year intervals and establish what each team member needs to do in order to achieve your goals.

Aligning your team with a Playbook

Using your core audit as a foundation, we help you distill (and perhaps refine) your brand story into a Playbook that gets all the players on your team on the same page. Your Playbook captures how your brand should look and sound in all community touchpoints–physically, virtually, socially, and experientially.  

We take that Playbook and produce a team WIKI–an internal portal for your team that captures all policies and procedures in one convenient place. With a Playbook in place, you can be confident that everyone on your team is on the exact same page as you.

Ritualizing best business practices

Because we’ve immersed ourselves in the Strategic Coach, Scaling Up, and EOS Traction® business frameworks, your MAP will help you–and your team–ritualize best business practices in all areas: financial, operational, cultural, and strategic. Throughout the process, our bi-weekly check-ins keep you on track to ensure these best practices become best habits within a one-year period. The benefits? They’ll become ingrained in your operations for months and years to come.

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