Gary Beelik


As our creative lead, Gary has fostered a collaborative environment at Parcel that brings out the best in our design team. A believer that one great creative idea perfectly aligned with a brand can be a boon to its business, he invests himself in problem-solving until he discovers the conceptual platform on which a brand can stand with pride. A graduate of OCAD and a founder of Soapbox Design—which merged with Parcel in 2012—Gary consistently directs award-winning creative that successfully updates brands to be more aligned with all that they deliver. A lifetime student of ways to improve the creative process, he nevertheless finds the necessity of delivering inspired ideas within the constraints of budgets and timelines to be an unfailing muse.

“As a designer, you get to experience the world from a different perspective—from someone else’s perspective—in order to understand their business, their culture, the framework of how they build and grow their company.”

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