Canadian Fabric Magazine

Defining a Canadian culture of philanthropy, with style

The House of Forward Foundation, a non-profit founded by Suzanne Rogers, aims to “capture the unique cultural fabric of Canada” by highlighting leaders in Canadian fashion and philanthropy. Defining Canadian culture has traditionally been difficult, so we created a magazine that tells stories of our national fabric and what it means to be “fashionably Canadian”.

After a brand strategy exercise, we developed the name and tone of voice for this new publication. Not content to just produce a fashion magazine, we recruited some of Canada’s top editorial writers to interview those profiled in its pages—partnering with some of the country’s top fashion photographers, we were able to also capture these stories with style.

Canadian Fabric was launched at Le Grande Bal, an event at the ROM attended by 400 of Canada’s elite cultural enthusiasts and philanthropists. 50% of sales of the magazine supported the Oolagen Youth Mental Health.




The use of premium paper throughout and a tactile cover stock—mimicking the notion of fabric—announces immediately that this is a unique publishing event.